It’s time to Change your reimbursement platform

Stop being frustrated and stressed by the Change taking place in your reimbursement automation platform. Join other Payers like you who are making the move to Payspan – the nation’s largest and most trusted healthcare payment automation platform, connecting over 750 health plans and 1.3M+ Provider payees. 

We are the industry-leading payment automation experts that lower cost, reduce administrative burden, and increase provider satisfaction. Payspan also can automate your member premium payments and has a suite of solutions for enhancing quality initiatives by delivering communications in-stream of payments.

One vendor, dedicated to YOUR success.

Payspan connects more than 750 Payer health plans with 1.3 Million Provider payees. We are your trusted partner for automating and orchestrating payments and reimbursement strategy.

Core Payer Network

When partnering with a vendor to Change healthcare, healthcare must be your partner’s only focus: our Core platform leverages 21 years of experience paying providers, with 95% EFT automation rates, to save large plans over $2 million annually by automating electronic payments to providers.

Payspan is the only national healthcare payments brand exclusively focused on healthcare payments. Payspan is not owned by a health plan nor constrained by clearinghouse and population health activities – meaning your financial success is our only priority.

Our industry-leading turnkey solution for processing electronic payments (EFT/ACH) and remittance information (ERA) satisfies the CORE CAQH Phase III operating rule requirements for ERA/EFT and empowers payers’ compliance with this mandate. The Core Payer Network also features a multi-payer, fully electronic provider enrollment process, a provider self-service portal, and provider outreach services to drive maximum value and adoption while reducing administrative costs.

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Premium Payments

As the number of consumers directly paying premiums to Health Plans is increasing, there is no better time to ensure you are maximizing this new point of contact with your Members. Simplifying your member premium payments process will help you develop stronger member engagement and higher satisfaction.

Partnering with Health Plans that sell individual, group, on- and off-exchange insurance products, trust Payspan is your trusted partner to integrate healthcare premiums into your established payments automation processes seamlessly.

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Quality Incentives Communication System

Communication of a payer’s quality incentive initiatives is cited as one of the most significant barriers hindering provider adoption of value-based contracts. Payspan’s Quality Incentive Communications System reduces these barriers by harnessing the existing Payspan Core Payer Network, already directly facilitating communication between 750 health plans and 1.3 million provider payees, to deliver and exchange quality communications.

  • Communicate actionable incentives in-stream of payments
  • Deliver quality notices
  • Facilitate exchange of medical attachments to close care gaps

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