Patient Financial Engagement

Simplifying the payment process between patient and practice

Are patient payments affecting your practice?

Helping patients understand their financial obligations

For years, patients have been leaving doctors’ offices confused about what they owe and when they have to pay. How can providers help patients understand and meet their financial responsibilities?
The answer is Payspan’s Patient Financial Engagement (PFE)  a solution for increasing patient satisfaction and provider revenue. PFE gives the provider’s front-desk and back-office personnel all the tools they need to create a better financial experience for the patient and the practice.

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The benefits of Patient Financial Engagement

Our Patient Financial Engagement solution provides patients with financial transparency, which ultimately increases provider revenue and improves the patient experience. The simplified workflow allows providers to navigate efficiently with ease, reducing administrative burden and costs.


A solution that adapts to your workflow

Why Payspan’s PFE is right for your organization



“Before implementing the PFE program, we were sending at least $5000/month of patient financial responsibility to collections. Since implementing PFE we rarely send more than $1500 a month in patient responsibility.”     
Brigid Hartmann, Office Manager, Express Urgent Care

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Product Features


Easily estimate patient financial responsibility at the time of service


Easily integrate with existing processes and workflow


Tie payments to date(s) of service for easy reconciliation


Simple patient eligibility and benefit verification prior to service

Payment Options

Multiple payment options to offer flexibility


Flexible and customizable reporting options

Physician practices need an easy way to take the mystery and surprise out of patients’ financial obligations, making them engaged, confident and comfortable with the financial aspects of their care.

“Before PFE, we relied on traditional methods of collecting patient responsibility via sending statements on the backend after insurance paid. As a result of implementing PFE and increasing upfront collections, we have decreased the amount of statements sent each month by over 80 percent.“

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