Provider Benefits

Provider Benefits

Provider Benefits

  • Enrolling with Aetna means that your office will receive both an electronic remittance (ERA) and have reimbursement payments routed to the bank account of your choice via electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  • Payspan also
    • Offers the option to have reimbursement payments routed to the bank account of your choice via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) across multiple payers, not just Aetna.
  • Payspan provides two electronic methods of delivering remittance advice (EOBs)
    • The portal which gives providers access to images of the Electronic Remittance Advice presented online with the ability to print or download as a PDF file.
    • HIPAA 835 electronic remittance file, which can be downloaded directly to a HIPAA-compliant practice management or patient accounting system.

Registering Your Practice

  • Your practice has been assigned one or more unique registration codes and PINs which identify your relationship(s) with Aetna. Your new registration code(s) will allow you to register to receive payments via EFT and direct them to the bank account(s) of your choice.
  • Payspan will assign additional registration codes and PINs each time Aetna or a new payer establishes a new payment relationship with your firm. This allows your firm to choose whether to deposit all funds to a single bank account or to designate different accounts for each relationship.

As a Provider, you can gain immediate benefits by enrolling with Payspan. These benefits include:

  • Improved cash flow. Electronic payments mean getting paid faster and more frequently.
  • Maintain control over bank accounts. You keep total control over the destination claim reimbursement payments. Multiple provider practices and bank accounts are supported.
  • Payment Notifications. Email notification when payments are received with easy search and presentation of EOBs online
  • Match payments to advice/vouchers. Associate electronic payments quickly and easily to an advice/voucher.
  • Manage multiple payers. Reuse enrollment information to connect with multiple payers, – route payments to existing bank accounts or add new accounts.
  • Security and Efficiency. EFT payments are secure – you do not have to worry about a lost check in the mail. EFT payments are also efficient – reduce your trips to the bank.

The Payspan Service

Payspan is healthcare’s leading provider of payment reimbursement solutions. Our network connects over 700 health plans with over 1,300,000 provider payees and 107,000,000 consumers. With the largest healthcare network in the U.S., we provide payment automation services that improve administrative efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and enable payers and providers to manage new reimbursement strategies. We bring together healthcare expertise with proven financial services technology to empower a new generation of healthcare economics.