Solutions for Payers

Unified Benefits Card

Unified Benefits Card (UBC) combines the traditional healthcare member ID card with multi-purse payment and automated eligibility functionality. By providing a single point of entry, and unified management of financial interactions throughout the care and reimbursement continuum, UBC reduces payer costs and improves the consumer experience.


  • Card-based eligibility, enabling point-of-service adjudication
  • Single member plastic card containing healthcare ID, multi-account payment and automated eligibility functionality
  • FSA/HSA integration
  • Payer-to-member payment to fund a pre-paid account

Benefits for the Payer

  • Fraud reduction via pre-charge eligibility and SKU level authorization and substantiation
  • Positive brand experience leading to member loyalty
  • Care management and care gap prevention
  • Administrative cost savings through function consolidation

Benefits for the Member

  • Provides a simplified consumer experience utilizing a single card for all healthcare transactions
  • Increases member satisfaction driven by real-time eligibility and auto-verification features
  • Ability to easily configure multi-account payment logic
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