Solutions for Payers

Premium Payments

Premium Payments simplifies the payment process for members by providing an efficient way for them to pay their premiums. Payspan partners with Federal and private exchanges, as well as individual plans, to allow members to make payments quickly and easily online. Whether they need to pay their binder payment or their monthly bills, our Premium Payments solution provides them with the functionality and simplicity they need.


  • Payment management and online premiums invoicing through self-service portal
  • Ability to efficiently upload and send bill inserts and messages to members
  • Flexible payment options that allow members to easily execute transactions using their credit card or bank account information
  • Members have the ability to securely store multiple payment methods
  • Members receive multi-device notifications of new invoices, payment reminders, and receipts
  • The Advanced Administrative Portal allows payers to see what the member is seeing
  • Integration with healthcare exchanges and payers’ member websites
  • Lockbox integration that provides the ability to track all payment sources
  • Ability to track, control and audit premium collections and member notifications


  • Reduces administrative burden by 30 percent or more
  • Allows payers to handle customer service requests in real-time
  • Streamlines back-end revenue cycle payment reconciliation
  • Increases premiums collections
  • Improves member satisfaction and payer value

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