Solutions for Payers

Payspan’s solutions for payers are industry-leading products that provide health plans with tools that engage providers and consumers in the financial management of their benefits.

Core Payer Network

With healthcare’s largest electronic payments platform, we connect 650 payers to over 1,300,000 provider payees and 107 million consumers. Through automated processing of electronic payments (EFT/ACH) and remittance information (ERA), we empower targeted solutions for all stakeholders. Our Core Payer Network features multiple payment models, including payer to provider payments, payer to member payments, and payer to vendor payments, which enable payer financing and simplify collections.

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Premium Payments

Premium Payments reduces administrative burden by providing functionality for invoicing, collecting, and reporting.

Payer Enterprise Platform

The Payer Enterprise Platform (PEP) provides an end-to-end RCM experience for providers and enables payers to consolidate and manage their inbound/outbound transaction streams at a single connection point.