Core Payspan Network V1.0

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Core Payer Network

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Payspan’s Core Payer Network enables the processing of electronic payments (EFT/ACH) and remittance information (ERA) for payers. This turnkey solution satisfies the CORE CAQH Phase III operating rule requirements for ERA/EFT and empowers payers’ compliance with this mandate. The Core Payer Network also features a multi-payer, fully electronic provider enrollment process, a provider self-service portal, and provider outreach services to drive maximum value and adoption while reducing administrative costs.

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Payment Models

  • Payer to provider – allows providers to make EFT payments
  • Payer to member – connects the payer and member for direct payment and collection
  • Payer to vendor – enables payer financing and provides early pay options for vendors


  • CAQH ERA/EFT compliant
  • Reduces administrative/operational costs
  • Improves provider satisfaction and payment auto-posting
  • Ties payment information to claims data in a single view
  • Gives providers unprecedented flexibility for payment management
  • Eliminates paper remittances and paper check payments
  • Easy four-step, fully electronic provider enrollment
  • Allows use of providers’ existing bank accounts
  • Electronic workflow and email payment notifications
  • Electronic delivery or download of 835 and remits in PDF form
  • 18-month history available online
  • Payspan print output services available
  • Electronic provider messaging options through Voice and Communicator

How it works:

  1. Payer sends Payspan list of credentialed providers
  2. Payspan provider outreach services notifies provider to add new payer or register/enroll on
  3. Payer sends “ready to pay” claim disbursement file to Payspan
  4. Payspan generates 835 transactions, remits and mitigates electronic payment to the provider
  5. Provider receives electronic payment notification via email
  6. Provider receives 835 via direct secure file transfer, through their designated clearinghouse, or by online download
  7. Provider and payer view transaction activity on

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