mPay Migration

mPay Migration

Payspan will be transitioning all mPay Gateway clients to Patient Financial Engagement.
We want to make sure you’re prepared.

Who: All mPay Gateway clients
What: Payspan will be transitioning all mPay Gateway clients to a new and improved version of the product called Patient Financial Engagement (PFE). 
When: We will be providing you with a web demonstration of the new product including all the new available functionality, upon completion of which, representatives will work with you to re-contract and coordinate training on the new product to ensure you and your staff are fully comfortable.
Why: To ensure that you remain PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant and to provide you with the latest tools and technology to help improve your practice revenue and Patient AR.

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Does this mean my price will go up?
No. We will honor your current price and even make you a deal on additional functionality within the new product if you’re interested.
Will my practice experience an outage?
Our team will take the necessary steps to ensure you do not experience any disruption in your daily operation or ability to process payments.
How quickly can we expect to be live on the new system?
The transition should take approximately 7-10 days total including training of you and your staff on the new version of the application.
Does my staff need to be trained on the new system?
Yes, but because of the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the new application, training will take very little time.

Product Features

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Easily estimate patient financial responsibility at the time of service

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Easily integrate with existing processes and workflow

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Tie payments to date(s) of service for easy reconciliation

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Simple patient eligibility and benefit verification prior to service

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Payment Options

Multiple payment options to offer flexibility

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Flexible and customizable reporting options