Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB)

Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB)

Expand and improve communications with payers/members by providing information electronically about their explanation of benefits via your secure payment network.
Say goodbye to paper explanation of benefits – and hello to electronic explanation of benefits.

Give Payers and Members the Power of Knowledge about Their Health Benefits

Payspan has designed an electronic communications solution that addresses an important goal – delivering explanation of benefits to your payers/members.

Payspan’s Electronic Explanation of Benefits™ (eEOB) is a convenient, electronically delivered version of the traditional explanation of benefits that leverages the Core Payspan Network. eEOB enables rapid payer delivery of members’ explanation of benefits that can be implemented through a secure, standard portal.

Payspan’s eEOB solution directly impacts payers and members. Electronic distribution and delivery of explanation of benefits — a statement from a member’s health insurance plan describing what costs it will cover for medical care the member received — happens faster than postal mail delivery, improving the member experience. Using eEOB paves the way for payers to implement ‘Go Paperless’ initiatives which is a major incentive for corporations in today’s environmentally conscious world.

Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB)

Increase Patient Engagement

Our eEOB solution can help increase patient engagement with electronic communications designed to expand payer-to-member interactions and support the member journey. Payspan’s eEOB solution enables your health plan to:

  • Reduce EOB delivery cost by eliminating printing and postage
  • Seamless integration between the payer system and Payspan
  • Support Payer Go Green initiatives
  • Member Opt-in feature to receive electronic EOB
  • Member can view EOB from any secure device
  • Member integrated search and retrieval

The Advantages of Electronic Communications: Immediate, Informational and Convenient

Payspan’s Core Payment Network comes with a feature that allows payers to send members an electronic version of their Explanation of Benefits (eEOB). Members do not have to wait for the post office to deliver their EOB in a paper format.  With Payspan’s eEOB member-friendly functionality, members can log into the payer’s secure portal and view their EOB: a statement sent by a health insurance company to members describing what costs it will cover for medical treatment the member received.

eEOBs offers the advantages of flexible and immediate communication between payers and members. Payspan’s eEOB not only elevates the value and importance of electronic communications, but it also gives members convenient access to their eEOB from any mobile device.

Digitization support for ‘Go Paperless’ programs

eEOB paves a digital path for payers to implement ‘go paperless’ initiatives which has become increasingly popular and embraced by many businesses around the world are responding to a global imperative and consumer demand to ‘go green’  companies. More than 80% of people respect companies and brands that adopt eco-friendly practices, according to an international survey. eEOB eliminates the costs associated with printing statements and mailing EOBs. Going green has several other benefits for companies. These include tax credits and incentives, improved efficiency, healthier workplaces, and cost savings – for instance by printing less, turning lights off in unused rooms and refilling ink cartridges.

Payer Benefits

eEOB removes the complexity of delivering explanation of benefits to members in a digital format that presents raw data from health plans about to payees/members into clear, simple, visually appealing format. It provides a seamless document delivery experience to their members through an integrated SAAS model and provide the tools to self-support their member population. Our eEOB solution helps:

  • Reduce EOB delivery cost by eliminating printing and postage
  • Payer integration and authentication
  • Seamless integration between the payer system and Payspan
  • Amplify Payer Go Green initiative
  • Payer branded user experience
  • Payer admin self-service support

Member Benefits

Members can use their existing user access experience on their payer web portals with the added ability to manage their Opt-in feature to receive electronic EOBs. Payspan’s eEOB offers members benefits that include:

  • Member Opt-in feature to receive electronic EOB
  • Member can view EOB from any secure device
  • Member integrated search and retrieval
  • On-Demand member EOB Presentation
  • Member preferences management
  • Improve member satisfaction

On Demand Access to Medical Information

Payspan’s eEOB accelerates communication between payers and members through our secure, self-service portal. Payers experience cost reductions through ‘go green’ initiatives and members gain the convenience of online access to eEOBs from any secure device. eEOB supports the demands from digitally savvy consumers for fast and immediate access to their medical information, while increasing member satisfaction, expanding payer-to-member interactions, and reducing printing and mailing costs

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