The payment pivot: COVID-19 changed payment options

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a plethora of changes that has impacted practically every aspect of life—personal and business. Discussions and predictions about digital transformation has been a trending topic for years as businesses and industries

Health Plans Can Endear Members via Positive Payment Experiences

Research shows that the customer experience is playing an increasingly powerful role in the healthcare industry.(1) With millions of dollars of revenue tied to CMS Five-Star Ratings and HEDIS and member satisfaction scores, health plans are looking for ways to create

Health Plans Not Fully Prepared for Operational Efficiency

A recent survey1 has indicated that healthcare executives of leading payer organizations do not feel totally prepared to improve operational efficiency in their organizations. Global consulting firm North Highland interviewed 100 “cross functional decision-makers in healthcare payer organizations with an annual

Why is Provider Adoption of Electronic Payments Stagnating?

Medical electronic payment adoption continues to hold steady at just a little more than 60%, where it has been hovering for years, according to the 2018 CAQH Index Report.1 For the past few years, the penetration rate has been hovering in

3 Ways Healthcare Epayment Networks Support More than EFT

As more health plans drive provider adoption of electronic payments and remittances, they may not realize that their EFT networks can be leveraged to solve additional challenges beyond high administrative and labor costs associated with processing paper checks. A healthcare epayment

Maximize Provider Engagement to Drive Star Ratings

Now that so many Medicare Advantage (MA) health plans have star ratings of 4 or greater, the new challenge for them is how to sustain those numbers as CMS continues to add or change metrics to drive better health outcomes and reduced

Star Ratings Getting Results, but Still Room for Improvement

While the CMS Star Ratings program has improved Medicare Advantage (MA) health plan performance across most quality measures, health plans have not seen much improvement in the patient experience category, revealing that there is still room for improvement as far as

3 Ways Providers Can Increase Payment Collections

In the old days, providers did not have to worry about the bottom line if patients couldn’t handle their financial contribution or took longer to pay. That’s all changing rapidly. Patients are becoming the new payers, and many are struggling to

4 Obstacles to Provider Adoption of Value-based Care

Health plans need provider engagement with value-based care to boost their CMS star ratings and HEDIS scores, but most providers are still not getting on board despite continuing outreach and encouragement. Providers may want to participate, but they are held back

Engaging Providers in Value-based Care Shouldn’t Be that Complicated

Provider participation in value-based care is key to patient health improvement. Everyone knows that, but why is it so challenging for health plans to achieve? After all, value-based care enables providers to improve patient outcomes and health while increasing their revenue

3 Reasons Why Healthcare Payment Automation is Essential to Compete in the Market

Now that patients are shouldering more of the healthcare costs for their services, they are getting more selective about what health plans and providers they choose. Health plans and providers know they need to focus on delivering satisfying experiences, which today

Satisfied Patients More Likely to Pay

Now that patients must pay a higher portion of healthcare costs, providers are having a harder time collecting patient payments, which are now about a third of provider revenue. In the past, providers could take losses from patients unable to pay

How Payers Can Leverage Collection of Premium Payments to Engage Members

According to Black Book Market Research, 95% percent of consumers would make their healthcare premium and responsibility payments online if offered and 85%+ are increasingly looking for a patient-centered financial experience that includes1: Clear information on breakdown of costs, Help understanding

Payers Can Achieve 100% Electronic Payments, Really

Just last year, the Huffington Post published an article by a woman who described her personal experience with paper waste in the healthcare system that occurred over a simple flu shot. Huffington Post contributing writer Jane Sarasohn-Kahn wrote that she calculated

How Electronic Health Payment Systems Can Advance Value-based Care

A lack of clear and simple communications by payers with their providers on quality incentive initiatives may be hindering provider adoption of value-based care and reimbursement contracts. Seventy-four percent of physicians and healthcare executives who responded to a 2016 survey1 said