By April 21, 2016Blog

Join us as we work to create dialogue for more transparent conversations around the future of the healthcare economy. As consumer financial responsibilities are increasing, the industry continues to feel growing pains around healthcare payments. Our objective is to unlock and help solve some of healthcare’s most challenging problems by creating stimulating, informative conversations that are important to you.

Payspan has experienced these growing pains too, and we’ve seen first hand the positive impact efficient healthcare payments can have on payers, providers and consumers. Since our inception over 25 years ago, we’ve connected more than 650 health plans across over 1,300,000 provider payees and 103,000,000 members.

The new healthcare economy is becoming more and more driven by consumers and the need for simplicity, transparency and efficiency. At Payspan, we are excited for the opportunity to empower the healthcare payments network at all levels to take part in making things simpler for everyone. We look forward to bringing to life the ways financial transparency can bring healthcare reimbursement efficiency that facilitates better experiences.

Let us take the guesswork out of healthcare payments to arm you with real-time data and knowledge that can enhance your healthcare experience and satisfaction. We welcome feedback that moves forward the conversation surrounding technology that empowers the healthcare industry.

It is here we invite champions of healthcare to share insights, stories and experiences. You can also look forward to hearing more from Payspan’s executive team, which collectively has more than 75 years of payment expertise.

Please help us bring the stories behind financial transactions to life. Share this with anyone you feel may have interest in these conversations, and join us as we work together to bring transparency to the healthcare payment process.