Simplify Premium Payments with Payspan

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Payspan Premium Payments

As the number of consumers directly paying premiums to Health Plans is increasing, there is no better time to ensure you are maximizing this new point of contact with your Members. Simplifying your member premium payments process will help you develop stronger member engagement and higher satisfaction.

Partnering with health plans that sell individual, group, on- and off-exchange options, Payspan is your trusted partner to integrate healthcare premiums into your established payments automation processes seamlessly.

Payspan partners with Federal and private exchanges, as well as with individual plans, to allow members to make payments quickly and easily online. Whether they need to pay their binder payment or their monthly bills, our Premium Payments solution provides your members with the functionality and simplicity they need.


  • Reduces payer administrative burden by 30 percent or more
  • Allows payers to handle customer service requests in real-time
  • Streamlines payer back-end revenue cycle payment reconciliation
  • Member Payment Plans increase premiums collections
  • Simple, reliable interface Improves member satisfaction and perception of payer investment